Vision: Inspiring Skagit Valley to Follow Jesus

Mission: Gather, Grow, Go


First Impressions Team

Our Why: Every single person matters and we want to have the best hospitality possible for those that come to Inspire.

Our What: To create an experience for guests, attenders, members, and regulars alike that causes them to say; "wow!"

Imagine being newer and not knowing where to go to check your kids in, what door to walk through, where to get a cup of coffee, feeling nervous about a new place, feeling out of place because you're worried if you might not fit in and even feeling like you're not good enough because the enemy has been attacking your mindset since you decided to give "this church" a shot!





Security: Leads (Royse and Jared)

Position: Christian Education Building Security (Responsible for Breezeway, coffee shop area, all kids areas, etc.)

Position: In Sanctuary Security (Responsible for keeping the sanctuary safe, helping to mitigate noise in the sanctuary, and watching for any risks during service. The goal of this position is to keep the service as distraction free as possible)

Position: Foyer Security (Responsible for monitoring the foyer, making sure nursery stays locked up during service but not during drop off and pick up, along with other previously understood duties)


Ushers/Greeters: Leads (Brigette & Elissa)

Position: Christian Education Door Greeter (Responsible for Breezeway entryway, answering any questions that newcomers may have and extending a great smile or awesome hand waves and thumbs up during the whole "covid" thing haha.

Position: Foyer Door Greeter (Responsible for outside and inside doors in main foyer, answering any questions that newcomers may have and extending a great smile or awesome hand wave/thumbs up during the whole "covid" thing haha. Also responsible to help attendees find a bulletin, any gift/printables and a seat if needed.

Position: In room ushers (Responsible to help facilitate any ministry needs in the room including but not limited to; helping folks find seating, delivering bulletins to those who need them, facilitating offerings/communion as needed and making sure that offering after each service is locked in sealed bag and delivered to the safe by two people always)


Guest Squad: Leads (Mandy & Ronda)

Position: Guest Connections (Responsible to connect with "newer" people at Inspire, giving a gift to every first time guest, obtaining a connection card/follow up information, remembering names of new people, introducing them to other people here at Inspire and making every guest feel like Inspire is their "Home away from Home"

Position: Kid's Check in (Responsible to help all parents and kids check in for Inspire Kids for service and point them to the correct drop off area for their kids, connect with "newer" parents at Inspire and help them to get their kids assimilated into Kid's Ministry right away. Every new Parent must fill out an "Inspire Kids Check-In" sheet, a wellness form and any other info needed. It is also incredibly important that this person is always in position at least 20 minutes before service so that parents feel really good about leaving their kids with our staff/volunteers)


Details of what we can do to make a greater difference in the First Impressions Ministry:

  • All greeters, ushers and security in place 20 minutes prior to service
  • Open the door for people if possible
  • Pass out bulletin and all other written material of the day
  • Passing out communion (When necessary)
  • Attendance done (Use provided sheet and place a copy in Pastor’s box) Accurate count is important
  • Receiving offering (Always as a team/never alone)
  • Placing Offering in Sealed Bag and in Safe (At least two people who aren’t directly related if possible)
  • Offering is then placed with deposit slips and any other paperwork in tamper proof bag and then into bank bag.
  • Get kid’s guest cards and place in Pastor’s box
  • Always smile and make our guests feel like a million bucks (During Covid do the Hand Wave and thumbs up)
  • Never ask: “Is this your first Sunday?” Instead ask: “How long have you been coming here”
  • Greet as people exit.
  • Help with chaos in the room (Loudness, crying, etc.)
  • If you have a question, just ask and don't feel bad about asking 🙂


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