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Pastoral Change

There are many characteristics which create a diversity among us.  From squeezing the toothpaste tube from the bottom or top to over or under on the toilet paper to how do you pronounce tomato? Or creek? Or roof? One of those characteristics is the element of surprises. Some love them, seemingly adrenalin junkies. Others, well, definitely not so much.  Personally, I’m somewhere in the middle but my love for the surprise hinges on whether it is a good one or a bad one.  A surprise party? Cool. A surprise call about an accident? Again, not so much.


My surprise was a call from a respected friend asking if I would consider a staff position in his church.  Out of the blue, unplanned, unsolicited.  Wow. I agreed to pray and the more I prayed and sought counsel, it was confirmed that I should accept the position of Minister of Pastoral Care at People’s Church in Salem, Oregon.  Of course, that meant resigning from Inspire Church which I did before the board on Tuesday, August 14th and before the church body on Sunday, August 19th and my last Sunday will be September 16th.


There are decisions we make throughout our life that are, well, “no-brainers.” But there are others, like this one, that are challenging and gut wrenching.  Bec and I received clear confirmations from the Bible regarding this but it still does not change what has transpired inside.  We have loved being in Skagit Valley and felt that we were going to close out our ministry here. We have loved leading Inspire Church and enjoyed getting both acquainted and re-acquainted with many.  We have loved doing life together with you; learning, growing, and experiencing God, an incredible almost five years with many blessings and extremely fond memories.  We will be around until the first week of October and would love to have a coffee together or whatever so feel free to give us a call or don’t be surprised to get a call from us, OK?


I am very confident that the Pastoral Search Committee under the leadership of Tracy Johns and the oversight of our Advisory Board will perform their due diligence to discover the next pastor who will take Inspire Church to a whole new level of effectiveness and ministry.  Please join with me in prayer for them and for this process.  Prayer will be crucial, please pray.  This is also a time for each of you to be more committed than ever.  Transitions are difficult but can be successfully negotiated when done corporately, together. Stay in prayer and stay together.


It is my promise to the Advisory Board and to you that I will do everything possible to make this transition successful.  I will be working full time up to the 16th and probably beyond to make sure this happens – I will be giving it my all and believing the Lord for some awesome Sundays together.  Thanks for your understanding, love, and dedication to Christ.  He’s got this!



Pastor Bill and Becca

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