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Discovery Classes

Helping You Find Victory in Your Faith Journey

These classes are designed to help you discover more about yourself, and to find your place at Inspire Church

The mission of IC, “inspiring the Skagit Valley to follow Jesus” involves both evangelism and developing fully devoted followers of Jesus.  An equipped follower will be more effective at being an inspirational follower.  The Discovery Classes are designed to equip, train, and inform each follower of Jesus to a place of greater effectiveness and victory in their faith journey.

#1 – Discover Your Faith – It is crucial to know what you believe. This class provides an overview of what we believe at Inspire Church and why.  Some of the topics covered include what we believe about salvation, communion, baptism, the Holy Spirit, healing, and the end times.

#2 – Discover Your Spiritual Walk – One’s spiritual journey does not end upon salvation. There are practices, such as devotions, giving, serving, doing life together with other Christ followers, and witnessing which are crucial to maintaining the continual joy and peace of being a follower of Christ. 

#3 – Discover Your Church – The church has a vital role in the life of every believer and has a specific purpose and calling in its community.  This class will help you understand the vision, mission, and core values of Inspire Church. You will also learn what it means to be part of the church and see what is involved with church membership.

#4 – Discover Your Place – Every follower is uniquely and specifically equipped for a place in the church. This class will help to discover the best place.

The Discovery classes typically meet the first Sunday of each month and are required for positions of leadership in the church. They begin following the worship service in the Youth Center and taught by various pastors and members of IC. The classes do not have to be attended in order or all in one month but periodically throughout the year.  Childcare is provided upon request.