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Update as of March 16th

Due to the current Covid-19 outbreak and the suggested/mandatory regulations being provided by the Country, State and County officials, Inspire Church will not be hosting our regular in person gatherings until further notice. We want you to know that while we will not be hosting in-person gatherings that we will still continue to be the church and have church but it will look a little bit different (Please watch us live on Facebook Sunday's @ 10am)

This is not a time to be afraid, withdraw or become fear stricken. We need to continue to strive to have balance in the way we live during these unprecedented times! We must use wisdom while also not allowing ourselves to be in fear! The temptation will be for all of us to "check out"  and withdraw during this season. We are encouraging you to do the exact opposite!

Here's 7 things that you should know during our current season.

1. Inspire Church will continue to be the church, have church and show the world what the Church of Christ is all about!

2. We will be immediately partnering with local compassion initiatives starting this week so that we can push into our community while people are afraid (For example we will be taking a check on your behalf to help out our local food bank, Helping Hands to cover emergency costs related to providing fresh food to our community)

3. We will continue to meet the needs of our local body in the following ways: Time usually spent planning/preparing programming and content will be spent following up with you as an individual. We may or may not have everyone’s contact info so if you haven't heard from us or need anything please call or text Pastor Josh's cell (760) 694-3557 (we are here to serve you), we will be sending out materials for you and your families to stay connected to Christ and we will be upping our online presence in a huge way.

4. We will go "live" online with a more unique and different approach to services than we've ever used before. We will still worship, have a teaching (That will look way different than what we normally do), have a time for giving, we will pray for individuals (as needed) and we will encourage you and your whole family like we always do!

5. We are asking you as an individual to do the following.

a. Adopt someone in our church, your neighborhood, or your circle of influence who is considered "high risk" and offer to shop, clean, mow their lawn and/or just be there for them! Note: be careful not to expose them to any sicknesses.

b. Plug in! Plug into our online services, plug into your word and most importantly plug into Jesus!

c. Give! We will continue to do ministry and meet needs in our body and community and that's a great opportunity for you to get involved as well. We will provide information for online giving shortly.

d. Fear not! God wants you to be courageously wise! Make good decisions but Trust the Lord!

e. When this passes (and it will pass!) make a commitment to come back to our In-person gatherings!

6. We will do an all church fast from March 20-22. This fast would be a fast of your choice. Maybe it's food related, social media related, etc. (The word teaches us that when God's people pray and fast, mighty and amazing things happen)

7. We will continue to Inspire Skagit Valley to Follow Jesus.

Will you partner with us and make a commitment to pray for our nation, our state and our area?

Covid-19 Update 3-13-2020

This is a very unprecedented event and we will be providing updates frequently. There may be some changes to our regular schedule beginning 3-16-2020

Original Covid-19 Update: